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There are many Masters programmes to choose from in the field of Psychology. How do you know which is the right one for you?

A successful career in Psychology, and other professions allied to medicine, requires a Masters level qualification. A Bachelors’ degree is only the starting point! Selecting the right Masters programme will help you to become a specialist in your field.

The University of Bolton MSc in Psychology includes a concentration on important contemporary issues, such as Positive Psychology. The study of Positive Psychology enables individuals, companies and communities to thrive and cultivate the best within themselves, and thus improve their experiences of work, leisure time and relationships.The field and study of psychology is vast, and can lead to a number of rewarding career options for degree holders after graduation. An MSc in Psychology is very attractive to employers because graduates of postgraduate psychology programmes are excellent communicators – they possess a good deal of knowledge about people’s behaviour, how relationships are formed, group dynamics – and at the same time they have a scientific mind and advanced research expertise. Such knowledge and skills are central to almost all jobs these days. In addition, the strong research component of this particular MSc programme will open many doors. Graduates of the MSc can pursue further studies at PhD level, to become an expert in the field and pursue a career in academia or industry.

New York College has been successfully offering University of Bolton Masters and PhD programmes for many years. The NYC Department of Psychology faculty are highly experienced instructors and clinicians. The vast majority of our 16 members of Psychology faculty hold a Doctoral qualification (PhD, ClinPsyD or PhDcand) and have practiced as Psychologists and Psychotherapists in the UK or the US, in addition to current practice in Greece. Many are also active researchers who publish – jointly with our graduates – in the most influential International Peer Reviewed Journals.

Recent NYC research publications in the field of Psychology include:

Subjective Experience of Positive Emotions and Impact on Disordered Eating Behaviours in Individuals with Bulimia Nervosa. Bekiaris, D. and Koletsi, M. (2019) in the Clinical Neuroscience & Mental Health journal.

Using Nostalgia to Reduce Prejudice Towards Immigrants (Gravani, M. Soureti, A. and Stathi, S. (2017) in the European Journal of Social Psychology

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