New normalities, New pathologies, New practices

We are living in a time of extraordinary change. Rapid mutations of both individual and group lifestyles are a result of the technological revolution and changes occurring in both financial markets and job markets. In such a litigious climate, we are unprepared for new emergencies.

We are living in a time of learning in every field: learning to be parents, learning to establish significant relationships, to respect the environment, to reorganize our lives, to grow.

These are new circumstances entirely, both exciting and frightening and often extremely difficult.

Solid paradigms for interpreting questions and organizing answers suddenly seem old and barely applicable. Yet, professionals and their services are asked to provide effective and appropriate cures.
We are facing a great challenge that is to be addressed at many different levels. These levels involve those who program the welfare state, others who manage services as well as those who work within social services. Consequently, the demand for scientifically based tools to address today’s forms of sufferance is rapidly increasing.

This congress focuses on the need for innovation in the modes of interpreting and addressing these often complex and pervasive psychopathological situations. AEPEA offers at once, numerous proposals for updating clinical and rehabilitative interventions.

New normalities, new pathologies, new practices.
This is why we are pleased to welcome experts from different parts of the world to foster the exchange of scientific research, clinical experience and theoretical thought. Only this kind of alliance can address new cultural and professional challenges.

Besides the conference’s plenary lectures and two “An hour with” sessions, the program includes both symposiums and workshops on specific themes.

Michel SOULE, Honorary President
Graziella FAVA VIZZIELLO, President
Pierre FERRARI, Past President
Juan MANZANO, Vice President
Jean-Paul MATOT, Secretary
Alain BRACONNIER, Treasurer

Ferruccio BIANCHI (Switzerland)
Olivier BONNOT (France)
Augusto CARREIRA (Portugal)
Marie-José CORDEIRO-GONCALVES (Portugal)
Giuseppe DISNAN (Italy)
Christine FRISCH DESMAREZ (Luxembourg)
Bernard GOLSE (France)
Alberto LASA (Spain)
Hélène LAZARATOU (Greece),
Sylvain MISSONNIER (France)
Marie-Rose MORO (France)
Filippo MURATORI (Italy)
Umberto NIZZOLI (Italy)
Francisco PALACIO-ESPASA (Switzerland)
Mario SPERANZA (France)

Giuseppe DISNAN (Italy),
Francesca EMILIANI (Italy)
Umberto NIZZOLI (Italy)
Pier Luigi RIGHETTI (Italy)