Embracing Eudaimonia

Ενα πενταήμερο Εργαστήριο Κίνησης εμπνευσμένο απο την Αναλυτική Ψυχολογία και την Χοροκινητική Θεραπεία

‘Embracing Eudaimonia’
Authenticity, full functioning, engagement, contemplation
Awe, connection, aliveness, fulfillment.

A 5- Day Residential Workshop in Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece at Pelias Life Balance Centre www.pelias-tinos.gr

15.07.2018 – 20.07.2018
Led by Françoise Bacq, Jungian analyst & Georgia Αroni, Dance Movement Therapist.

This workshop is inspired by the work of C.G. Jung’s Depth Psychology and Dance Movement Therapy.
It is an invitation to explore the greek philosophic concept of Eudaimonia ( ‘Eu’/good_ ‘daimon’/ spirit) in your approach to life, while meeting and confronting your shadows on the way.
Through active imagination, movement, journaling and art work you will feel guided to unlock the authenticity of the body and be vitally present in the moment.
Dance, meditation and ritual circles will enhance the group’s embodied connections as well as its sacred energy.
With the intention to deepen the relationship with your essential self you will take time to value, honor and manifest the new life seeking to emerge.

The workshop is open to anyone on a path of personal and spiritual development and particularly eager to explore the bonds between body and soul. It may be of special interest to therapists, coaches, energy or body workers, educators and artists.

Information and registration:
Georgia Aroni- www.aronig.wordpress.com Email: aronig@t-online.de
Françoise Bacq. www.atmavictu.be Email: atmavictu.psy@gmail.com