MSc in Psychology, University of Bolton

Apply now – begins 21st February 2020

The University of Bolton MSc in Psychology includes a concentration on important contemporary issues, such as Positive Psychology. The study of Positive Psychology enables individuals, companies and communities to thrive and cultivate the best within themselves, and thus improve their experiences of work, leisure time and relationships. The field and study of psychology is vast, and can lead to a number of rewarding career options for degree holders after graduation. An MSc in Psychology is very attractive to employers because graduates of postgraduate psychology programmes are excellent communicators – they possess a good deal of knowledge about people’s behaviour, how relationships are formed, group dynamics – and at the same time they have a scientific mind and advanced research expertise. Such knowledge and skills are central to almost all jobs these days. In addition, the strong research component of this particular MSc programme will open many doors.

Graduates of the MSc in Psychology of the University of Bolton can apply the skills learnt on the MSc in mental health settings, but also in teaching and education, humanitarian and community initiatives, human resources departments, career coaching, leadership and business. This one-year full-time Masters programme involves the comprehensive study of selected areas in psychology at an advanced level, including the latest research and practice in Positive Psychology and contemporary research methods in Psychology.

Many students who have completed an undergraduate degree in a non-psychology field might find that they would like to switch to psychology for graduate school. Is this possible? Yes! Graduates from non-Psychology programmes – for example teachers, human resources specialists and sociology graduates – are welcome to apply and can be accepted after a successful interview with the programme leader.

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