Coming home to Myself – Coming home to my Body

A 3 Part Workshop in Authentic Movement in Basel  with Georgia Aroni – 8./9.September, 20./21.October, 24./25.November 2017

Coming Home to Myself, Coming Home to my Body, consists of three 2-day intensives through the Discipline of Authentic Movement. We will reflect on the archetypal theme of Home trying to define the inner and outer dimensions of home by bringing possible questions and experiences that arise within the symbolic attachment to it: the home as a journey or as an outer landscape, the home as a community, the home as a need to belong or as an archetype of inner centeredness and many more.
As Jungian analyst, John Hill points out: « home represents the way we contain our life and define our relationship to the outside world.,, while at the same time « the actual interior of our homes in present is a heaven of memory, history and grounding, an oasis of individual taste and culture ».

The workshops is open for those with or without experience to Authentic Movement as well as for those with and without movement experience.

They allow the slow and profound development for kinesthetic awareness, the embodied understanding about behavior patterns and their connection to feelings and expression, the openness to a mystical practice, the re- dis- covery of creative impulses leading towards wholeness. They can be of special interest to those working in the field of psychotherapy, coaching, education, expressive art therapy, mindfulness or bodywork as well as for those without professional intention who want to deepen the body’s way working towards an integrate whole. Please note that this is not a psychotherapeutic group.

Part 1 Introduction to the Discipline of Authentic Movement.
During the first workshop, participants will be introduced to the basic ground form of AM by practicing inner witnessing, working in dyads and the dialectic between moving and being moved. The ability to acknowledge interpretations, projections or assumptions and to verbally express the movement experience in a non- judgmental language will deepen the form. Art work and journaling will support the process by working with any material arises within the context of the theme of Home.
Part 2 Authentic Movement and Embodied Text.
The aim of the second workshop is to deepen the experience, introducing triads as a new form and expanding the moving body. Participants will now have the opportunity to share texts with reference to Home (personal, poetry, etc. ) and with the intention to embody a deeper layer of the self, to articulate the voice and the sound of a more organic aspect of being at home. Creativity and  ̈the longing of the body into word ̈ (Adler, 1997) will help participants to develop an embodied consciousness. The ability to offer a quality of attention as movers and witnesses for a clearer inner witnessing will be our main focus.
Part 3 Authentic Movement as a Mindfulness Practice for Self- Care.
In this workshop participants will increase the capacity to ground more fully into the present moment with more acceptance, curiosity and openness. By developing compassion for oneself and for the other and by focusing on the healing art of AM, we will now introduce the ‘open circle’ as a new form for integration and embodied awareness. Αuthentic Movement as a Self-care and restorative practice, will be mentioned as we expand our questions about com- ing home to ourselves and bring these intensives to an end.

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